Mark ShawMark Shaw

Mark Shaw / Owner & FAA Drone Operator

 I started flying sUAS (small unmanned aircraft systems ) about nine years ago in search of a new and different viewpoint to gather Video & Stills adding to the skills I have as a photographer. 

I have been a photographer for most of my life and have worked in the entertainment business now for over 35 years. As a Cameraman / Photographer I have worked on programs ranging from Features,TV, Documentary, Commercials, Etc.. Some of my clients are BBC,National Geographic,CBS,NBC,ABC Networks, and many feature movies and independent production companies to name a few.

I am an avid long distance hiker and enjoy nature and exploring the outdoors and will always have a camera or drone at my disposal to capture the amazing places I venture to. Many of those places have been for work such as the Amazon for a TV pilot series, Italy & the Mediterranean where I was aboard a dive ship doing research on sunken roman ships & The Yucatan Peninsula working on a documentary about flamingos. Just recently finished working for National Geographic in columbia SA on a series about the drug trade where I worked both as the sound mixer and drone pilot for the series.

My work is an adventure and always exciting.